A Home Wedding

The wedding venue is often one of the most cherished parts of planning a wedding, and it is often the place the bride has dreamed of for years. Many wedding ceremonies still take place in churches, but there are those who prefer to have the entire affair at the home of a parent or loved one. They feel it gives a personal touch to their special day, and a home wedding can be a joy for those who have planned it down to the very last detail. It is true that much of what they have wanted for years will be stockpiled, but some of it can come from the gifts they are given before the wedding.

Years of Plans

When two people choose to get married, setting the date is often the first item of business. They then begin planning their other decisions around it, and they must book the church and reception hall. If a wedding is to take place in a home, it can be easier on the couple because there is no need to search for places that will provide them with a date they want. Their parents or loved one will generally be willing to open their home for any date the couple has chosen.

The Ceremony

Getting married outdoors is often a dream shared by those planning their wedding, and they can do it easily if the weather cooperates. Some of them will need to provide canopies or tents if the sky opens up with rain, but many have been lucky enough for the sun to shine down on their happiest day. Setting up outside might consist of only placing chairs and a setting for the couple to stand, but the very simplicity of it is part of what they couple is seeking. They may not be interested in a large or complex setting for taking their vows, and their closeness to nature and beauty are often what they seek most. They might want to enhance the beauty of their surroundings with luxury scented candles, and their guests can enjoy the beautiful fragrances as they become enchanted by the couple saying their vows.

The Wedding Reception

After the official ceremony is over, it is time to celebrate. Couples might have only family and a few close friends in attendance, so they could choose to do their own catering. Opening their wedding presents might give them a bit of help when setting up, and receiving luxury tableware from LDC could be just what they need to get their party started. The whimsical beauty of the plates, cups and serving dishes can add to the already enchanted atmosphere.

A home wedding is not always about a lack of funds, and it is often a dream come true for the bride and groom. Their wedding can be almost any size, but they care most about sharing their special day in a place they have loved for years. Being able to host the ceremony and reception all in one place gives them an added bonus of being able to spend more time with the guests they love.