A Wedding Tale

For those children who pay attention to the fairy tales they are told when small, the wedding tale is often one that does not include a few of the more important points. The couple in the story might live happily ever after, but they must get through planning their wedding first. Perhaps it is just the couple in reality that goes through the often confusing and difficult journey to create the perfect wedding day, but they will end up with their own tale as they meet at the altar and solemnly recite their own vows for the rest of their lives.

Start of the day

When couples today get married, it often becomes a giant affair with hundreds of guests from far and wide. Their plans often include more than just the ceremony and reception, and some of them begin very early. It has become a new tradition to host family and close friends for breakfast at the start of the day, so this is usually where their own fairy tale might pick up as they tell their future children in years to come. Taking pictures of this special time could be Nicola, a wedding photographer Birmingham with a speciality of helping tell the tale of couples through pictures of their special day.

The ceremony

Traditional weddings in churches are still a large part of what couples imagine, and many of them have enjoyed the reality. While modern life has often ignored tradition, weddings have a way of bringing it back into sharp focus. They provide a sense of continuity for families, and they are largely celebrated in the same way for young couples, their parents, and even their grandparents. Families gather from the corners of the county or the world, and they share the religious ceremony of two people vowing to build a life with each other in a tradition handed down through countless generations. Hiring a good photographer Birmingham to capture your day is a benefit for everyone.

A beautiful reception

There are often at least several venues in any town where a couple can hold a party after their traditional wedding, and a beautiful reception has become a time when love and laughter share the limelight. For those who have the time, any hall can be decorated for a fantasy theme for their important event. They might hire professionals to do the work, but families and friends are often willing to help out if money is a stumbling block for the pair. Their eye for detail, their need to help ensure a good wedding day, and their love for the bride and groom will give them the motivation they need to put each item in the perfect place to create a wedding fantasy to be remembered.

Weddings became very non-traditional for a while, but couples have turned back the clock today in many cases because they want a sense of continuity to be part of their celebration. They might begin with a special breakfast for friends and family, but their sharing will expand as they say their vows at the church. The wedding reception will be their time to share most with their guests, and all of them should come away with a host of special memories for this bright and loving day.