Dancing All Night

Wedding ceremonies tend to be formal affairs even when not held in a church, and people are expected to act with a certain amount of decorum. While the bride and groom give their vows, silence is certainly golden. Even as they walk back down the aisle, is it considered pretentious to grab their arm and begin a conversation. For those who have gotten through the formal part of the event without giving in to their inner child, dancing all night is their reward. They can have their cake, eat it, and they will be prepared to properly celebrate the union of two people deeply in love.

The Ceremony

For those unused to sitting still for long periods of time, a wedding ceremony can be difficult to attend. People are expected to sit quietly and talk while they wait for the event to begin, and their silence is appreciated as the couple takes their vow. There are some ceremonies that include a full mass, and it can seem to last hours for those not used to being in a church for regular rituals. Even waiting for the couple to walk back down the aisle and form the reception line can be difficult for people who are used to being active. It can add up to a lot of energy build up, but the reception is ahead.

A Formal Dinner

Many couples are eager to host their family and friends at a reception, and a formal dinner is often planned. They want to share their first meal with their guests, and many of them want to make it a memorable one. They might have several courses, and dessert is generally the traditional ritual of cutting the cake. It all takes time, and the guests can get restive as they sit and wait for each plate to be served and taken away before the meal progresses. Patience is a virtue for those who want to get up and stretch their legs.

The Dancing Begins

Once the meal has been finished and the cake served, the dancing begins. Guests are generally not invited for the first few dances as the couple takes their own whirl across the floor, and they then dance with their parents. These are expected by the participants and their guests, but it can leave some people with itchy feet. The musicians know this, and Sash, an experienced wedding singer, knows just what the crowd wants. She will have them on their feet as soon as the floor is cleared of the formalities, and the party will really begin for those who have waiting patiently through all the formalities.

It is well for the couple to remember that part of what they are doing is entertaining a crowd, and giving them an opportunity to dance is a good way to make them feel like they are part of the action. Many of the traditional elements of any wedding require the guests only to sit and witness, so dancing is their time to be part of the fun, love, and happiness the couple wants to share.