Decorations for the Day

Couples getting married today spend almost more on their wedding than they do on the honeymoon, so decorations for the day of the wedding are just one part of the overall theme. Some couples choose destination weddings where their guests are expected to travel, but others prefer to get married near the home of the bride’s family. It might mean travel for the family of the groom, but that is an expected part of the day. For those who have found their perfect church, reception venue, and the people who will be part of their wedding party, adding flowers is all part of what they will plan on having as their special day dawns.

Getting Dressed

For those participating in a wedding, the day begins much earlier than those who will be their guests. The bride and groom have their own outfits to wear, and the wedding party is generally suited up in matching outfits. The florist Harrogate often provides bouquets for the bride and her attendants, and the groom and his ushers will have boutonnieres. These must be placed in the lapels of their jackets, and they need to be secured to stay on all day. The fathers of the couple might also have boutonnieres, and the mothers might have corsages to wear when they are fully dressed for the day.

The Church

Many brides and grooms choose a church they have attended for their ceremony, so decorating it with wedding flowers Harrogate is often done before the day begins. Those getting married in the north will find that HJF has plenty of experience with this part of the ceremony, so contacting them for advice on how to get that plan into motion is a good idea. They know the area churches well, and they have helped supply beautiful floral arrangements for weddings throughout the area. Getting a perfect arrangement at the altar might seem impossible, but those with experience can ease the strain on the couple for this part of their celebration.

Time for a Party

Once the official ceremony is over, a reception line might still be part of the formalities for a couple with a traditional wedding. They have an opportunity to greet each of their guests personally, and then the photographer will be ready to take pictures. Once all these important activities are over, it is time for a party at the reception hall. Decorated with flowers on the tables, it is a place where everyone can let their hair down and celebrate the joining of two families on their special day. Dancing, drinks, and a snack of meal are served to the guests as they help the lucky couple start on their life together.

There are a host of small details for even the simplest wedding, and hiring professional help is a good way to get sound advice to make a memorable event. Caterers, florists, bands, and even the local church official are all helpful to couples planning their special day. Putting it all together might take months of planning, but the couple will be happy they took the time to do it right as they go through life with their wonderful memories of their perfect wedding day.