Special Dances

Families are often deeply involved in helping to plan and finance modern weddings, so there is little doubt the bride and groom want to make sure they enjoy the day along with all the other guests. Their role can be one of advisement, or it could become a time when they help settle nerves. Providing them with special opportunities on the wedding day is an excellent way to thank them for their work in planning the event, so special dances from the musical entertainer could be part of what the couple requests.

A Dance with the Bride

One of the joys many fathers experience after they have given their daughter away at the altar is a dance with the bride at the reception. They might have a special musical request from the wedding saxophonist, or they could seek advice on what song would work best. Their special dance together should be one that the bride and her father share as a link between their old relationship and the new one that has been forged on that day. Being able to find the right music for their dance is a good way to celebrate their happiness.

Mother of the Groom

While many fathers are eager for their dance with the bride, the mother of the groom is no less ready to take her part in the reception ceremony. Finding the right music is often discussed with her son when the wedding is planned, and the two can often come up with surprising suggestions for their performance. It does depend upon their tastes in music, but many grooms still seem to prefer dancing their mothers around the floor to the beautiful strains of traditional waltzes. For those with a mother unchained by tradition, a bit of funk or disco might also be on tap for their special dance.

Spanning Generations

Weddings are a time when many people of different ages gather, yet many of the guests will be friends of the couple. They will be of a similar age and background, so the music the couple prefers will often be suitable to this group. For family members, spanning generations is something every experienced wedding entertainer expects, and those with a great deal of experience will be able to find something for each generation attending. It can be a day of joyful memories in the making, but the music will also help rekindle memories of past weddings and the love shared by family and friends.

Weddings have always been a special time for family and friends to gather for a celebration, so modern couples still hold on to some of the nicer traditions. Dancing with the bride and groom can be traditional or modern, and it will depend upon the abilities of those participating. For each generation invited, the musical entertainment should be geared to songs everyone can enjoy. It should include something for all generations attending so they can link their memories with the new ones they are making.