Tossing the Bouquet

Modern weddings are not necessarily composed of modern elements, so adding in fun traditions is acceptable. Cutting the cake as a couple has long been a ceremonial part of the reception, and guests enjoy it almost as much as the bride and groom. Wedding gowns are traditionally white, and many brides today still prefer them. When it comes to dancing, the bride and groom share the first dance alone, and then other guests are invited to join them after their special song. Tossing the bouquet is a time-honoured tradition that has lost none of its luster over the years.

The Single Women

When it is time for the bride to toss her bouquet, all the single women attending the wedding are allowed to participate. Many of them are looking for their own husband, and they make sure they look great as they wait for the opportunity to catch. Some of them even use a makeup artist Manchester to look their best. If the bride has a lot of attendants, she might book Rachael to help all the single women in her party as a wedding makeup artist Manchester so they will look great even if they are unable to catch the bouquet.

Marriage is important in many societies, and that is why the tossing of the bridal bouquet is a long tradition. It is said that the lucky single woman catching it will be the next one to get married, and it often works out that way. While there are no guarantees the lucky lady will actually be married before any of her competitors, it does offer an opportunity for the single men attending the wedding to look over the field. Once they spot the interesting woman of their choice, they at least know she is single as they plan their pursuit.

The Garter Toss

It is fun to watch the women waiting for an opportunity to shine, but it can be much more delightful to see the competition between the men. While the bride demurely tosses her bouquet, her new husband will do the garter toss. The bride wears it on her leg, as far up as she dares. He must remove it before the entire crowd before throwing it over his shoulder. The competition among the men can be fierce because they will then be able to put it on the lucky single woman who captured the bouquet.

There are many traditional elements of even the most modern weddings, and many of them are a great deal of fun. Tossing the bouquet and the garter is a good way for singles to meet, and the competition can create plenty of laughter for all the guests. It has been done in years past to allow the single people an opportunity to get a good look at each other, but modern weddings are more about fun than any type of commitment between singles. Meeting someone in this manner might be a good story for the future, but there are no guarantees the two lucky catchers will even go on a date.